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Well I guess I should tell you about myself...

I'm Sarah *wave* and I am an alcoh... wait that's not right! Well I am a 'collector (hoarder!) of just about everything... Im a graphic designer by profession but outside of work life I like to suceeded in saving the world from evil-doers. Via a games console... of course. But yes! I like to collect warhammer mini's and paint them up, I play a Daemons of Chaos army in a Mighty Empires campaign played alongisde other members of my family. It's good fun!

For several months now I had been playing Wood Elves and decided a change was nessecary. I wasn't enjoying the game, I was constantly frustrated with loosing, and really I wasn't learning much either. So I picked the army I originally wanted to play (long story!) and already I am feeling more confident about them and more importantly, having fun.

So what's this blog about?

It will be like most blogs out there admittedly. A place to scribble down some doodles, conversion ideas and some pictures of painted mini's that I have. Hopefully by doing this I will also feel more inclined to get off my arse and paint more!

So I hope you'll enjoy what's to come.

Hula =)

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