Eldar Paint Schemes

Whilst I do not intend on playing Eldar as a 40k army (yet...) I do want to paint up the models that I own. I am, as usual, torn on colour schemes. And there are plenty to choose from (There's a list here at the Lexicanum website) when it comes to Eldar! I mean... there are a lot of craftworld options out there, including your own if you wish, but the more common ones are:

Alaitoc - Blue, Yellow
Biel-Tan - White, Green
Iyanden - Yellow, Blue
Saim-Hann - Red, Black, White
Ulthwé - Black, Bone

Now I know that you don't have to particularly follow just the one scheme, as each Craftworld has their specialities in the army. Would you make a unified theme or stick to the same colours as Games Workshop?

I own the following models: Eldar Farseer and Warlocks, Guardian Squad, Dire Avengers and one of those awesome looking Wraithlord. I have two other (Fantasy) armies, Wood Elves and Daemons, so I wanted to choose a colour that I had yet to focus on.

Originally I wanted to go with Saim-Hann after seeing some fantastic renditions out there on the internets, but I am painting a lot of Khorne.... it's all red. I'm not sure I can commit to a mainly red army again lol. But then I was taking a gander at the Games Workshop pages and discovered this Battlefleet Gothic picture.

I simply LOVE this colour scheme and think I will adopt it for my Eldar. I think perhaps another spot colour will be needed though, maybe a touch of Yellow. I'm going to draw up some templates and play around with schemes in Photoshop first before I truly decide. =)

Level up - in life!

Well it's been quite a while since the last update!

After a long and tiring labour I finally gave birth to my daughter 24th February, 06.50am and at 7.1lbs. It's been a challenging experience getting adjusted to having a baby to look after, but so far so good, it's an amazing and fantastically rewarding experience. I love being a mummy. =)

So as you can imagine any hobbies have kind of taken a back seat. Ironically the Daemons of Chaos army book was released the same weekend as my daughter was born. Coincidence? ;)
I have however sorted out a generic army list, acquired some new models, (hey I gave birth, I deserved to treat myself!) and believe it or not... I have even BASED some daemons. Nothing fancy though, just some grey rocky effect, which is what I intended. No photos for now (Pix pls or it didn't happen I hear you cry!) but I'll upload those when I can.

So I have one heck of a painting list ...


40 Bloodletters
2 Skull Cannons
3 Bloodcrushers
5 Flesh Hounds  

40 Plaguebearers
Nurgle Herald
3 Plague Toads
3 Plaguedrones
6 Nurglings

The Masque
5 Seekers of Slaanesh
Exalted Seeker Chariot of Slaanesh

Burning Chariot
The Changeling
3 Screamers of Tzeentch
5 Flamers of Tzeentch
Lord of Change

5 More Furies
Daemon Prince (Using the Be'lakor Model)

I've still got a 3k Wood Elf army boxed up unpainted (Save a lord, a few Glade Guard and some Dryads)... let alone the Eldar models and other bits and pieces I have collected the past couple of years. Maybe I'll teach my daughter early and enrol her to paint ;)

Red Fury!

Chaos Fury

So I tried out a more traditional scheme for my fury... or mainly using Khorne colours I suppose... very happy with her so far! She looks much more menancing than the previous attempt and seems to embody the whole 'Fury' thing better. I used the same method as painting my bloodletter test model too. Just another 9 of these girlies to paint up!

Brettonian Damsel

I offered to paint the Damsel on foot for one of our family members... I think it was the girly long hair and fabrics that made me do it! It truly is a lovely model. I am finding it harder to paint that I thought I would too! After having an army that lacks capes/dresses, I've realised I'm a tad out of touch with the methods.

Colours will be teal dress with perhaps a pinkish/red belt to offset and red hair. Red hair and green hue dresses always look great together. Unfortuantely the model was heavily glued onto the base before I took her, so the folds are a little hard to tell at the bottom. However once based, I don't see a problem. We all know how lazy I am with basing anyway... I'm sure they can do it themselves ;)

I have some more daemons in the post to paint also... I am not sure when I am going to get the time for all this, but I have decided that my downtime with the baby will be spent painting. It both calms and frustrates me however, so we'll see haha! I have ordered 40 Plaguebearers, 2 boxes of Nurglings and a box of screamers. Until this rumoured Daemon update arrives that's all I am purchasing. At least with Nurgle models you can kinda cheat with the washes. Might be done quicker than I realise! Let's hope it works.

Warhammer Quest

Does anyone play this?

We got very lucky and managed to get a good quality, intact, complete Quest game from ebay at a reasonable price. I am loving it! The main figures already came painted, but I have chosen my own barbarian female model (naturally! ;) ) and I have started to paint her up.

So this is her! Sana from Hasslefree Miniatures. She is a lovely model, quite detailed too. And my love for Red Sonja is making sure she is a redhead.

A little note about Hasslefree too... they are a fab company, I highly recommend them! I have ordered two models from them now. The service is quick, well packaged, and as a little bonus, the company is very personal. With both orders I recieved handwritten notes of thanks along with free sweets! Who can't resist free sweets! =)

Here is my painted model so far, still some touching up to do, but fairly happy with her so far! Human skin tones... and my first non Games Workshop model!

We also got some extra goodies in our Quest box! Updated models (Chaos Warriors, Clan Rats, Witch Elves, Orcs, Gobbos) and some other monsters. I have an urge to paint the Clan Rats...maybe this is my nesting instinct. Instead of wanting to prepare my home for the baby, I instead want to get mini's painted! haha. ;)

Upcomming Games:

As I have mentioned before, we also play Mighty Empires as a family campaign. As I am in my final weeks of pregnancy, I have put my games on hold, also because of the rumoured DoC book/models release. I haven't played a game before the White Dwarf official update either and will need to get new models.

My next opponent is Orcs and Goblins... who I have zero experience against. I know he has the big spider, the lil ones too, black orcs, and those crazy ones who throw themselves into the enemy.

I know they have high strengths and low leadership, so I wonder if I take a slaaneshi based army to take advantage of that. My only worry is that I highly doubt deamonettes will stand up to Orcs very well at all. They would need some support for sure.

I will wait to see what the new changes bring... =)


Ok, so the unit isn't entirely finished, but here is a progress shot so far! This is probably the only unit I have completed since playing my wood elves... even then I had only finished a unit of Dryads and early Glade Guard!

Things left to fix on these lil ladies: Blue eyes, blue nipple gems, minor detailing on the corsets and highlighting on the claws and zoidberg pincers and of course, bases!

Still debating on the basing for this girlies. I am thinking of a dark gravel type base with some snow. Keeping it quite simple. I don't have the time or paitence for big fancy bases, especially as these are only for playing the game with.  I have a few more girls to build and paint as well, including the battle standard bearer. And I own the chariot so I may use an alternative head to determine the champion.