Eldar Paint Schemes

Whilst I do not intend on playing Eldar as a 40k army (yet...) I do want to paint up the models that I own. I am, as usual, torn on colour schemes. And there are plenty to choose from (There's a list here at the Lexicanum website) when it comes to Eldar! I mean... there are a lot of craftworld options out there, including your own if you wish, but the more common ones are:

Alaitoc - Blue, Yellow
Biel-Tan - White, Green
Iyanden - Yellow, Blue
Saim-Hann - Red, Black, White
Ulthwé - Black, Bone

Now I know that you don't have to particularly follow just the one scheme, as each Craftworld has their specialities in the army. Would you make a unified theme or stick to the same colours as Games Workshop?

I own the following models: Eldar Farseer and Warlocks, Guardian Squad, Dire Avengers and one of those awesome looking Wraithlord. I have two other (Fantasy) armies, Wood Elves and Daemons, so I wanted to choose a colour that I had yet to focus on.

Originally I wanted to go with Saim-Hann after seeing some fantastic renditions out there on the internets, but I am painting a lot of Khorne.... it's all red. I'm not sure I can commit to a mainly red army again lol. But then I was taking a gander at the Games Workshop pages and discovered this Battlefleet Gothic picture.

I simply LOVE this colour scheme and think I will adopt it for my Eldar. I think perhaps another spot colour will be needed though, maybe a touch of Yellow. I'm going to draw up some templates and play around with schemes in Photoshop first before I truly decide. =)

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