Ok, so the unit isn't entirely finished, but here is a progress shot so far! This is probably the only unit I have completed since playing my wood elves... even then I had only finished a unit of Dryads and early Glade Guard!

Things left to fix on these lil ladies: Blue eyes, blue nipple gems, minor detailing on the corsets and highlighting on the claws and zoidberg pincers and of course, bases!

Still debating on the basing for this girlies. I am thinking of a dark gravel type base with some snow. Keeping it quite simple. I don't have the time or paitence for big fancy bases, especially as these are only for playing the game with.  I have a few more girls to build and paint as well, including the battle standard bearer. And I own the chariot so I may use an alternative head to determine the champion.

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