Red Fury!

Chaos Fury

So I tried out a more traditional scheme for my fury... or mainly using Khorne colours I suppose... very happy with her so far! She looks much more menancing than the previous attempt and seems to embody the whole 'Fury' thing better. I used the same method as painting my bloodletter test model too. Just another 9 of these girlies to paint up!

Brettonian Damsel

I offered to paint the Damsel on foot for one of our family members... I think it was the girly long hair and fabrics that made me do it! It truly is a lovely model. I am finding it harder to paint that I thought I would too! After having an army that lacks capes/dresses, I've realised I'm a tad out of touch with the methods.

Colours will be teal dress with perhaps a pinkish/red belt to offset and red hair. Red hair and green hue dresses always look great together. Unfortuantely the model was heavily glued onto the base before I took her, so the folds are a little hard to tell at the bottom. However once based, I don't see a problem. We all know how lazy I am with basing anyway... I'm sure they can do it themselves ;)

I have some more daemons in the post to paint also... I am not sure when I am going to get the time for all this, but I have decided that my downtime with the baby will be spent painting. It both calms and frustrates me however, so we'll see haha! I have ordered 40 Plaguebearers, 2 boxes of Nurglings and a box of screamers. Until this rumoured Daemon update arrives that's all I am purchasing. At least with Nurgle models you can kinda cheat with the washes. Might be done quicker than I realise! Let's hope it works.

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