Painting List

I have a lot of mini's to paint... 2 armies in fact, let alone my precious Carmine Dragon and Eldar Wraithlord! And I am now a grateful proud owner of the new games workshop paint range! What a better way to start a painting log.

For now I am concentrating on my Daemons of Chaos. I want to try some nice bright schemes that are similar to the originals, but with my own twist. I also want to try a couple of conversions in order to use some models I have laying around.


Female Khorne Herald (Not intended to be Valkia) - using St. Celestine as a base. I wanted a heavily armoured female.
Fiends - Im going to make these Naga like, using Daemonettes and Tyranids.
Female Herald of Tzeentch - Using the Dark Elf Sorceress model and making her look more cultish... similar to the zealots found in Warhammer Online.

To Paint (excl. the above)

40 Bloodletters
20 Daemonettes
Lord of Change
The Masque
3 Bloodcrushers
6 Flamers
6 Flesh hounds

I also have a 3k+ Wood Elf army to paint, but I can't decide on a scheme. I've been through green, brown, teal/purple and now blue/grey/gold. I'm not a fan of green and I think this is what is making me so undecided!

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  1. Good luck with the daemon army. Looking forward to seeing you put brush to model, and showing us what you do with them.

    For WE, well.. good luck with them in general. I am sure 9th edition will make them better :)