And she starts...

So I am starting the slow process of my first conversion... and me being me... I've gone for something nowhere near simple lol.

I have a thing for female warriors and not nessecarily scantily clad ones (just those awesome barbarian types!) heavily armoured chicks who look like they will mess your face up fast are my favourite! So I knew that when it came to my heralds, my Khorne herald was to be no exception.

I have seen several conversions around of Valkia, I suppose she is very similar to the idea I had. However I would like to keep mine fairly simplistic. Red skin, black hair, black armour, Helblade, Banner, Wings etc...

As I have mentioned previously I am using the St. Celestine model as the basis, something very regal about her. I'm lopping off her head though in order to place a daemonette head and also removing as much as possible the little icons. The dove has gone, she will be weilding the blade in that, the banner in the other.

It's a slow start... but it's a start... that's all that matters. ;)

I also have to apologise, until I find the time to set up a lightbox, my pictures will be nothing special! Boo!

Hula out! <3

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