I've managed to get in a tiny bit of painting this week... It's taking me an age to paint anything now that Im working long hours!

This picture is just one of the models, but they are all at the same stage, 20 of them. I am going to work the pink into purple on the claws and feet, add silver touches to the corsets and bindings, not sure where to go with the hair just yet. Seeing their hair white looks quite cool. I'll decide later if I will stick with white, or go baby pink, as I originally planned.

No basing yet! And as you can see I am a very messy painter lol. I tend to paint first and base later, purely because my bases will be quite simple! The new texture paints are brilliant though. I will be using them, alongside some lava possibly and maybe, just maybe, a touch of snow. It would appear Hell can freeze over after all!

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  1. Nice looking Daemonette.. nice eyes also.. very scary looking in comparison to the coloring showed!