Test Models

So I have had a little play around with my schemes for some furies and also daemonettes (again!) this week. I have a couple of images, the camera is terrible, I really need to take them with our proper camera and lightbox lol. Sorry in advance! Once the baby's room is sorted then I can set up a hobby space again... I think! =D

So the fury... I am fairly happy with this so far. There's still some minor highlights to sort out, but I wanted them to be Khorne influenced, but different to the bloodletters (of which I intend to paint the original scheme). So red corsets with bronze metallic parts. This was an experiment with washes to start with, it's more purple than I would have liked, and the crimson was too pinky! We'll see. =)

The daemonette is far from finished. I need to shade her hair, give her some eyes and work out what I want to do armour wise. Perhaps the pink/black/silver scheme will work. Right now though I feel it lacks something in a big way. I wanted these pale, more like the website models, rather than the GW guide. Although I think the previous has been photoshopped enough to bring out the colour better, let alone the fact they are painted professionally! ;)

In this picture, you can see my old scheme, whilst she looks sinister, it isn't what I wanted. Too dark and dull.

I'm having troubles with the new paints too. When highlighting my paints seem to dry very fast on the model, causing it to look chalky, instead of smooth. I am using a wet pallet, but this doesn't seem to help. I'm wondering if the Lahmain Medium will work. I'm really not sure. :(

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